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Switching from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x

Magento 2 is not just an update of previous Magento version. Magento 2.0 provides a built-in data migration tool and it’s pretty easy to migrate...

Migration from different
e-commerce platforms

Magento is the most powerful open source e-commerce platform available on the market. Magento provides all necessary features out of...

3rd party services

With the growth of business, e-shops owners are facing the problem of managing a lot of purchases that require shipment...

3rd party modules

We closely cooperate with Aheadworks, the company that has been at Magento extensions development market for over 14 years...

Custom development
for Magento

Even when Magento community is one of the widest modern development communities and a lot of extension are available there...

Magento support
and security patching

Magento is a highly secure platform, though it is open source platform and there are many hackers all over the world trying to find holes and ...

Magento perfomance

There are many Magento e-commerce sites owners who complain on slow site performance. We provide such services as complex...

Magento website
setup and tuning

Assistance in selecting optimal hosting, Magento sites deployment, Magento themes design and creation, Magento installation on cloud-based...

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