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WDevs Managing Director

Andrey started his IT career in 1998. He developed complex software to automate the working process of a computer reselling company in 1999 and then for the leader of the tourism industry of Ukraine in 2003. In 2001 Andrey was the leader of the development team working on the portal coveraging election campaigns in the Moscow area. In 2002 Andrey, in cooperation with RosBalt.ru, developed a system which united most of municipal newspapers of St Petersburg area and provided them with inovation for that times online versions. Since 2004 Andrey worked as lead and then senior head of web development. In 2007 Andrey founded the company X-way which was acquired and rebranded into WebDevs in 2008 by Cosmic Media Group. In 2015 WebDevs separated from Cosmic Media Group and it was rebranded into WDevs. Andrey is a key player in the success of WDevs and is truly passionate about his companies clients and their success.

Working behind WDevs management team, our designers and developers pride themselves on delivering exceptionally high quality results, on time and on budget.

Alexander Prihodko

Senior Project Manager

Alex is a Senior Project Manager with substantial experience leading creative projects from concept to delivery. His deep technical knowledge and insight grow a productive team.

Alexey Dashevskiy

Senior Mobile Development

With more than five years experience as head of the mobile development department, Aleksey cares about readable, flexible, and creating as easy to maintain code as possible.

Ivan Tereshchenkov

Senior Web Team Leader

Discovering new abilities wherever possible Ivan accepts challenge of new technologies and goals. He is passionate about learning all new systems and growing his teams skillset.

Nikolay Aviltsev

Senior Web Team Leader

Nikolay's skills are wide ranging from an understanding of server level management to co-ordination between all projects parties. His advanced experience ensures great results.

Dmitriy Sharanutsa

Head of Adobe CQ Team

Dmitry focuses on code quality to ensure on-time delivery and long-term maintainability. He has a good understanding of technical architecture, systems and agile methods.

Svetlana Agafonova

Senior Design Leader

Svetlana brings brand strategy to life through compelling concepts and creative visuals. Her artistic flavor and imagery help to create a memorable and unique design experience.


WDevs has a wealth of experience in the planning, management and delivery of websites, mobile sites, apps, custom web solutions, eCommerce solutions and online strategy.